FileFlex Enterprise is secure & private

FileFlex Enterprise from VarioSecure is very secure. Your content remains behind your firewall. Nothing is moved or copied to third parties.

Files stay in their source locations behind the firewall & nothing is moved or copied to a third party

FileFlex Enterprise is a highly secure hybrid peer-to-peer solution hosted by VarioSecure with the benefits of the emerging blockchain trend – content security and privacy. Because FileFlex is applied to your existing storage, files stay in their source locations on your storage, behind your firewall. This means that they stay under your control, or in the case of corporate clients, under the umbrella of the corporate owned infrastructure, behind the corporate firewall and under the control of IT.

Privacy and security of information can be contained completely on-premise without worrying about breaches, outages, ownership or who has access to data when it is stored and maintained by third parties.

Users have high level encrypted direct access to the files with trusted certificates

This is enterprise-grade encryption. The same level of protection offered by financial, medical, government, law, and others to protect and secure transactions over the internet.

FileFlex Enterprise provides an activity log

FileFlex Enterprise logs all activities – even for in-app activities via public clouds – for audit and regulatory compliance issues. Know what files have been shared and when. Know who shared what files and when. Know who accessed shared files and when and know who downloaded shared files and when.

All remote access and sharing is permission-based

All sharing is permission-based, to confirmed contacts only. It’s not a link that can be forwarded or shared on social media. Allowed sharing can be revoked at any time on a contact-by-contact or file-by-file basis. Sharing can be restricted to ‘view or stream only’ and downloading of shared files can be prohibited on a file-by-file or contact-by-contact basis to prevent unauthorized access and unauthorized downloading. It works with Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP and device permissions to enable secure sharing and access in and out of the company in an encrypted private tunnel without opening any new ports.

Provides data residency, privacy and compliance

Since FileFlex Enterprise allows for remote access and sharing of files from their source locations, the files stay on-premise. This provides data residency and aids in compliance with privacy regulations and standards and addresses security issues of third party storage. Most data residency and privacy standards are put into place by governments and professional associations to keep confidential information from coming under the jurisdiction of a foreign power and are designed to directly address issues caused by using third party storage. When you store your files with third parties, you are storing them on a computer that is owned and under the control of someone else. This can create potential issues of ownership, data residency, legal jurisdiction, legalized secret access by law enforcement and third party access and inspection of your files.